Friday, January 21, 2011

healing foods

After stumbling upon this article (if you can call BroBible a legitimate literary source...and no I'm not even sure how I came across this) about the 25 best foods to cure a hangover which, in my humble opinion are some of the worst foods in general, I began thinking about foods that heal. Between the holiday season, new years, and winter break coming to an end, I feel like there have had numerous opportunities in which I have been the test-subject in experimenting with foods that make you feel like you are undoing the results of over-doing it. For example, after downing a few too many glasses of $9.99-jug-wine last night, I awoke this morning guessed it!...dehydrated and foggy and, as per usual, hungry. In my groggy-eyed, cotton-mouthed state, I managed to whip up a stir-fry by first sauteing garlic and onion with some sesame oil, then throwing in one grated carrot, grated daikon radish, sliced kale and stirred in some brown rice I (thankfully) had already cooked up before. When everything was cooked and heated, I added the juice of a 1" piece of ginger (grated the ginger, then squeezed and discarded the pulp) and a few splashes of Braggs Liquid Aminod to the mix. I topped the mountain of food-just the right combination of carby-salty goodness I was looking for- with sesame and pumpkin seeds for protein and iron! I considered making a quick miso-tahini dressing, but I was honestly too lazy to even do that. The results? I actually felt so much more clear headed by the time I finished my breakfast and a big tea. I was able to get to yoga and then straight to my internship without a problem. Don't you love food that actually makes you feel good?

this is a photo of the first meal I cooked for myself in Africa-"brown rice" with tomatoes and yam leaves (my African stand-in for kale) sauteed with tons of garlic and onion.

Also, I am intrigued by this whole FebFast idea, but maybe that's just because I'm still feeling the effects of last night. I also really want to check out this one day cooking workshop at 3rd ward.

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  1. Wow that looks good. I really needed to read this today. Right there with ya'.