Tuesday, January 4, 2011

a solution to my resolutions

So it’s 2011. My hangover has left the building, the beer cans are (mostly) cleared off my coffee table and I am feeling clear headed and ready for an efficient new year (I’m also currently on jury duty and have a TON of time to kill, so that helps) I am a big fan of resolutions, but there is nothing worse than setting a goal that is completely unattainable (like, do not get stressed in 2011. Ahhh I just got really stressed out!) I think it’s nice to outline things you already know you should do, but having something in writing helps me actually stick to it.

1. Be a more productive/ functional human! This includes getting dressed EVERYDAY and actually pulling myself together more-planning nice outfits out, learning new ways the style to my hair (still trying to master the fishtail braid) and while I’m not the biggest proponent of painting your face with make up, lets be real, everyone looks better with a little swipe of mascara.

2. Make healthy choices- only eat real, delicious food. No more processed fake shit in my body! And don’t let other people poorly influence me to eat things I don’t want at times I don’t want to eat (or drink, for that matter).

-carve out time to exercise and really push myself to do it. About 99% of the time I show up to the gym after thinking I’m too exhausted or stressed to go, I am so happy I forced myself to go.

-60/40 cooked to raw foods ratio (juices included esp. go for green juice!) Green juice makes me feel like a superhero.

-Drink more water (start mornings with room temperature water with a squeeze of lemon) See! It’s good for your hair, skin, breath, appetite…

-Find better ways to wake up, sans caffeine. I already gave up coffee a year ago and was never really a soda drinker, but I’ll put this on here to make sure I stick with it this year and also feel accomplished for already making a healthier choice by sipping tea when I need a little jolt. That being said, I also want to get more into tea this year-like, have a variety of green and black teas for the morning, and delicious herbal teas for an after dinner treat!

-Upgrade my morning routine. This includes streamlining my a.m. habits and figuring out how long things actually take, and how I can be more efficient about them (like cooking my oatmeal while I wash up and get dressed) especially now that I have to rely on the subway to get to class/internship/work.

-Make my evenings more efficient too-do something calming before bed like reading or stretching (or perhaps a few crunches, those never hurt anyone!) rather than watching 30 Rock and snacking until I pass out. I am definitely more of a night owl, so I want to do what I can to make my mornings easier. These include picking out my outfit for the next day, making sure my bag has what I need in it for the day, having prepared meals to take with to avoid ravenous thoughtless eating, etc.

-Meditate, even if it’s just for the five spare minutes I have that day…on the subway.

-Absolutely no smoking- I started smoking when I was 14 and always thought that it was just “not cute when you’re old” so as my twentieth birthday present to myself, I gave ‘em up. They mess with my skin, they affect my physical abilities, my sleep, my anxiety, they cost $12 a pack…you get it, there just really is no to benefit of smoking cigarettes. I’ve slipped up a few times since quitting, but I want to make 2011 a smoke free year! *well, free from tobacco smoke ;)

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-Make and stick to a regular vitamin regime (multi, calcium, vitamin b12, skin/hair/nail formula..)

-Remember the little things-dry brushing, bubble baths, facemasks, sauna (the main reason I’m still paying for my gym membership) doing my nails, coating myself in shea butter, flossing…they really do make a BIG difference

3. Make time for me- don’t let other people dump all their baggage on you and stress you out, realize when you need to step away from other people or social plans and just do something on your own. I want to make more time to just sit with my own thoughts and visualize what I want to get done. I need to stop letting other people hold me back from being productive and stop being afraid to take risks and do things on my own.

4. Find some fabulous role model(s) and get inspired by their accomplishments and set my own goals to work towards

5. Be a doer-don’t get stuck in a cycle of school, come home, sit on ass…actually take advantage of living in the best city in the world and even take time to leave the city occasionally to see some nature and so I can really appreciate how great it is.

6. Be more confident- with my style, socially and in school.

7.Work on many projects and actually finish things that I start. This year I have a bunch of things I will be working on-this blog, a series of vegan dinner parties/ artist collective, a jewelry line and more!

8. Educate myself! I have no doubt this will come hand in hand with that last resolution but there are so many things I want to learn this year-vegan baking, more sewing techniques like embroidery, about crystals, all about tea, vintage clothing, about music, jewelry making, food politics…Oh and I have about a million books I want to read

9. Stop wasting time getting anxious/self-conscious/upset about things. Kick those toxic thoughts in the baby-maker the second they start infesting your mind. I won’t even waste more time thinking about how those thoughts make me feel.

10. Do what makes me feel happy and magical! (I think the first 9 resolutions do this, but I wanted to make ten resolutions to round it out)

What are your resolutions for 2011?

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