Tuesday, January 4, 2011

First Linky-Links of 2011!

-Reasons to love New York 2010
-how to be a 20-something. very true.
-A new year rolls in: how 2011 is celebrated around the world
-This is what kids around the world are eating for lunch at schools.
-So cool! A woman's life story told in intricate hand-stitched tapestry
-Miniature man-made landscapes. You'll never believe what these are made out of.
-Photo manipulation at its finest.
-I know, I'm ODing on this website, but these 3D photo sculptures are actually incredible!
-A weekend read: (IN)DECOROUS TASTE amazing photos//style//design//

All photos from www.indecoroustaste.com

p.s. sorry these pictures are HUGE but I think they are so beautiful!

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