Sunday, September 18, 2011

Linky-link October

Love this! I'm the "black charger"

The art of wearable communication via Ted Talk

Fruit labels that magically turn into (fruit) soap!

NY Mag Twelve takes on falafel, but they forgot my fav, which is from Tahini

Cultural Faux Pas in New York
"don't interfere with others' privacy. New York is a very crowded place. The way people deal with it is to create their own space. Thus, what outsiders often see as aloofness and isolation is, in fact, a sign of community; there is a shared ethos that everyone respects others' privacy and expects others to respect his own."

Friday, September 2, 2011


I wish I had my own studio :( One of the downsides of living in NYC.

I would love to make a vegan version of this genius no-roll sushi.

Sabrina Ward Harrison is one of my most favoritist artists and this is her house!

The article
"The Tyrany of Trends" really examines the dynamics of sustainable fashion.

LOVE Here is Everything I Learned in New York! A few great quotes from this piece::
But eventually, I realized there is only one bad decision, the decision I moved to New York to avoid: Doing nothing at all. That is unforgivable.

Some of my favorite conversations have been with cabbies, because there is a curious intimacy that develops when you both know you will only share 10 blocks together in this lifetime.

New York is a lonely place. But in New York, you’re never alone.

Lower East Side from Django's Ghost on Vimeo.

One Hundred Years of Fashion::

via the streets i know

Happy September!!