Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Healthy Travels: Israel

This blog, Trail of Kale originally began as a platform to record my vegan eats while studying abroad in Ghana in the fall of 2010. You may be able to infer by the lack of posts from that time, internet was not the only thing that was sparse in that country. Grumbly stomachs aside, I learned a lot from my travels- how to prepare and how to improvise when you are completely unprepared in a foreign place. Although I've heard nothing but wonderful things about the food situation in Israel (i.e salad for breakfast!) I'm leaning towards over-preparation. Between long plane rides, hiking and generally eating in a group of 40+ people, in the worst case scenario I'll make a new friend over some dark chocolate?

L-R: 2 bars of dark chocolate (don't want to worry about hidden milk derivatives in a foreign language) various types of raw trail mixes for hikes, various food-based protein bars (Pure bars have a simple ingredient list and Macrobars are my new found on the go obsession! the coconut granola one tastes like candy!) Yogi Tea bags for morning and evening and some stomach ease thrown in there, nut butter packets and an sleepy eye mask because the best way to fight jet-lag is sleep. 

L'hitraot! (see you soon)

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