Saturday, January 19, 2013

Why I will never buy almond milk again...

...because it is so freaking CHEAP and EASY to make and TASTES so so so much better when you make it yourself (as with most things).

With just two ingredients: almonds and water, why would I pay more money for added preservatives and the packaging? Don't need those last two things. Only almonds please! Just make sure the brand of almonds you choose hasn't been fumigate with toxic gas. Yea, that's a thing...You simply start by soaking almonds for about 8 hours (I just left them in a bowl covered with water overnight) and then push the skins off. Ok, this takes a bit more planning than running to the grocery store, but it literally takes 2 minutes to scoop out some almonds and put them in a bowl. Don't get lazy on me now. Why bother soaking? It not only prevents your blender from having a (literal) melt-down, but most nuts actually need to be soak to re-activate the live enzymes within them, making their nutrients more readily available and easier to digest.

The next part of the process is to place your now naked almonds (thats what I call them with their skins off) into your blender and cover with four cups of fresh, filtered water. At this point you can also add a sweetener of choice, some sea salt or other flavoring of choice, such as a vanilla bean or cinnamon. Then press BLEND and let the machinery do all the work. Only about a minute or two. Place your nut milk bag/cheese cloth/clean panty hoes (in order of most legit to janky, but crafty) in a bowl or wide-mouthed jar and empty the contents of the blender into it, slowly. After its all in there and the foam has settled down, begin to lift the cheese cloth out, sweezing it with all your might to get every last drip of milky goodness out of there! 

But don't throw away the left over pulp, that stuff is valuable! 

Not sure exactly what to do with a lump of almond pulp? For starters, you can use it as you would almond flour, add it to oatmeal, make it into cookies or crackers...

This video by one of my all time favorite blogs, My New Roots, totally demystifies the whole process and beautifully illustrates just how simple and versatile making your own milks at home can be!

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