Wednesday, January 11, 2012

kabushi sushi

Tonight I steamed up some kabocha squash and couldn't figure out to prepare it. I wanted to incorporate some whole grains and other fresh vegetables I had lying around, but needed some variation from the basic grain with steamed vegetables routine I've been sticking to lately. I decided to try it rolled up in a maki sushi roll. Even as a vegan, sushi is one of my favorite foods- I think the seaweed really lends a flavor similar to that of the giant chunks of raw fish I used to enjoy atop my rice every so often. The saltiness of the ume plum and sweet kabocha pair really nicely with the crunchy raw vegetables.

Ingredients (makes one 6pc roll):
1 sheet of nori seaweed
1/2 cup cooked brown rice
1 scallion
1 small piece of daikon radish, sliced thin using a veg peeler
1/2 umeboshi plum
1 big piece of kabocha squash, steamed or baked until very soft

Place the nori sheet ruff side up on a sushi rolling mat. Spread the brown rice on top, leaving about one inch from the edge of the nori on the top and bottom. It is easier to spread if the rice is still warm but not too hot that the nori gets sticky and tares.

Place the scallion across the middle of the nori sheet. Rip the ume plum into little pieces and press it along the rice parallel to the scallion. Scatter the daikon slices next to the scallion. Break up the squash with a fork and place on top of the other vegetables.

Lift the piece of nori up from the bottom and bring it over the vegetables. Use the sushi mat to squeeze it into a tight log shape. Then carefully roll the sushi until you reach the end of the nori. With a clean knife (*this is key to getting a good cut, so make sure to wipe down your knife with a dish towel between slices) cut the roll in half. Wipe the knife again and then slice each roll into three even pieces.

Enjoy! This is nice with a dipping sauce of braggs with ginger juice and bit of water.

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