Monday, June 18, 2012

Mildred's Lane

MILDRED’S LANE is a rustic, 96-acre site deep in the woods of rural northeastern Pennsylvania, in the upper Delaware River Valley, which borders New York state. It is an ongoing collaboration between J. Morgan Puett, Mark Dion, their son Grey Rabbit Puett, and their friends and colleagues. It is a home and an experiment in living. Mildred’s Lane attempts to  coevolve a rigorous pedagogical strategy, where a working-living-researching environment has been developed to foster engagement with every aspect of life.
This past weekend SMT was invited to the first Social Saturday of the season. We were taken on a tour of the beautiful house and historic property,  feasted on a pig roast and listened to a lecture by Bay-Area artists Allison Smith. I'll let the photos of the dreamy experience speak for themselves...




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