Tuesday, August 17, 2010


Today (ok, so yesterday, but the internet wasn't working then, something I will be getting used to) was my first day in Ghana! First we went to the academic center. It was pretty basic, two classrooms, a library, photo printing room and a kitchen. We sat outside and were introduced to the program coordinator, the teachers, security guards etc… After sitting through that for a few hours, we went to lunch at Headlines Hospitality. It was served buffet style outside. They served us the most amazing juice before our meal. I had watermelon juice and it may have been the most delicious thing I’ve ever had. They’re really into juice in Ghana (maybe because the water is so bad??) There was so much food! A bunch of different rice dishes; plain white rice, and “yellow rice” which obtains that color from the spices it is cooked in, not artificial coloring, they assured us. There were also rice balls, made from rice that is soaked for days, and then pounded and cooked so that it turns into dough. You are supposed to rip off a piece and use it to scoop up soup, but the peanut soup had chicken in it so I ate mine with this salsa-ish stuff. However, they ran out of the normal rice balls and only had this one kind that is prepared differently, and it tasted a little fermented so I only had a bite or two. In addition to yellow rice, I had some spinach-mushroom stew that was sooo good and spicy and some simply sautéed vegetables and my new favorite thing….fried plantains!! Holy crap so good! Not at all like the ones I’ve had in the US. No, these were super sweet and practically melted in my mouth!

After some representatives from the phone store came and sold us some phones. I got a Nokia, which makes me nostalgic because it is just like my first cell phone, only a bit thinner. This took a really long time some how (there were 43 of us!) and by the time we got back to the dorm I had just enough time to body shower (which I really needed) before dinner.

This is where I live. whaaaa!?! (via NYU)

For our group dinner, we went to Tante Marie, which is where our meal plan provides dinner Monday, Wednesday and Friday. They serve African food from different regions and tonight it was Ghanaian. They had salad (!!!) really good rice, sautéed vegetables which a really yummy spicy red sauce and more fried plantains!! I wish I took more of the fried plantains but they were cut into little pieces and looked like home fries which I don’t really like, so ya, I wish I ate more of those but I’m sure there will be many more plantains to come. I am so tired from walking around in this heat and I think my body is still adjusting from traveling so much the past few days.

Tante Matie (via NYU)

The trip over here wasn’t half as bad as I expected. On the flight from New York to London I sat next to this adorable old British man. Only he wouldn’t stop talking and we was telling me about how he was two-time cancer survivor and his wife is so sick etc etc so I couldn’t really cut him off without sounding like a bitch. When I finally got to my house (or should I say palace!!!) I just unpacked and fell asleep! Mmm sleep sounds good right now! I think I’m going to read the trashy magazines I have left over from the airport and do just that!

goodbye prezzy, adorably decorated by my mom. awww

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