Sunday, June 27, 2010

something's (not) fishy

a lot of people are surprised to hear that as a vegan, one of my favorite food is sushi. "whaaa?!?!? how do you eat sushi? i thought you were veeegaaan?" they ask. well...for your information, sushi just means seaweed wrapped around cold rice and a toppping...dummy! and don't think i go to a japanese restaurant and order an amateur cucumber roll or something like that. i thought that sushi made with fish would be something i missed as a vegan but i was so so wrong. instead i discovered all the delicious vegan sushi options like sweet potato tempura, oshinko (japanese pickles) and all the various veggie-combo rolls.
i also started making my own sushi because i was eating it so often. it's actually really easy to do (did i mention it travels really well?) making it the perfect go-to lunch...or dinner...or breakfast (yup, i just admitted it)
here are a few snapshots of some sushi rolls i made over the year, blatantly exhibiting the evolution of my sushi-making-skillz:

first attempt-these were the only four that actually came out. obviously still an amateur.

brown rice kimchi roll on the right and no-rice spinach and marinated tempeh roll on the left. looks like some mung bean sprouts were thrown in too!

tofu-avocado on the left and kimchi on the right...honing those skillz

did i mention warm sushi is delicious too??

i invested in some classy butterfly chopsticks

this roll is made with tahini (its easier to spread it if you wisk it with a little water first) and sliced carrots and sauerkraut. i know it sounds gross but there is something about the savory/sweet/salty combo that is so so good. accompanied by some steamed kale (duh)

what is your favorite kind of vegan sushi?

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