Sunday, February 24, 2013

Yogi Lunch #2

Second week of training complete! Friday night we got a nice (and hilarious) overview of the history of yoga. Saturday and Sunday asana practice focused on standing poses with neutral pelvis followed but seminars on Ujaii breath & meditation and anatomy of foot to the pelvis, respectively. Here is what I ate:

Saturday: Steamed bok choi rubbed with an ume plum and a sweet potato roasted with black beans, a few squares of dark chocolate (not pictured)

Very balanced meal. I'm kinda on a sweet potato kick these days and the black beans mixed in create a nice carb/ protein combo. 

Sunday: Kitchari in a jar(y)! This version included: quinoa, mung beans, carrot, onion, celery, daikon and kale.

After talking tons about Ayurveda in training and the wonders of Kitchari, I thought this would be a great lunch, easily transported in a old honey jar. Because everything is cooked together, it makes for easy digestion and assimilation of nutrients. Win!

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