Sunday, July 1, 2012

Summer in the City*

I'm home! After an amazing month long artists residency in The Catskills, I have returned to this smelly, muggy city that I love so dear. My hair has already expanded 3 times its original size and I keep finding myself holding my breath as I walk down the streets exuding hot-garbage-air. It hasn't even been a full day since I've been back and already I miss my morning jumps into the freezing cold watering hole (um best way to wake up, ever) and even the simple things like eating breakfast outside on the porch and wiggling my toes around in the grass first thing. But, on to the next one! And lucky for me, I have very little obligations in my life at the moment and there is so much fun stuff going on in this city during the summer that I'm sure I'll find many ways to distract myself::

Governors Island
Brooklyn Botanical Garden
The Museum of Natural History (haven't been since I was a kid and something tells me I would appreciate it even more now!)
Movies in the Park
River to River NYC 
Read a book in Central Park
Pool Parties
Rockaway Beach
McCarren Park Pool
So many gallery openings, first Thursday, the Met, MoMA, The New Museum, Guggenheim, The Tenement Museum, Brooklyn Museum
Volunteer in gardens 
Brooklyn Flea, Chelsea Flea, 77th street Flea...
Visit a Russian or Turkish bath house/ sauna/ sweat

Brooklyn Brainery
Trade School
Spend an entire day at the NY Public Library! (so many books, freeeee!)
3rd Ward (beautiful studios, kinda expensive though)
Skill Share
School of Burlesque 
The Brooklyn Kitchen
Make Workshop
The Textile Arts Center

Night: (I'm not so big on going out out these days, but it just wouldn't be summer without having a drink on a roof top bar with amazing views of the city skyline!!) 
The Standard’s roof 
The Press Lounge at Ink 48 
230 FifthTop of the Strand
The Delancey
The Frying Pan (Drinks on a booaaat!)

Other things I plan to do over the summer:
-Organize all my stuff (clothes, books, art supplies, shoes...)--> have a clothing swap --> then sell or donate the rest
-Read all the books that have been sitting on my shelf for years
-Digital detox! clean through bookmarks, blog reader, back up things onto external hard drive etc.
-Make a manifestation list, including audacious ambitions for the coming months
-Journal excessively 
-Go to the farmers market
-Run around outside, take long walks over bridges, climb trees, find the nature in this concrete jungle
-Take photos of my friends, they're cute. Also I want to find more photo booths in the city.
-Go rollerblading (I just found my old ones, I hope they still fit!!)
-People watch from a cafe window, stoop, fire escape...or not even bother being subtle about it.
-Eat a popsicle
-Buy more googly eyes and stick them on everything. Is it just me or are those things hilarious?

For more updated listing of events, check out these sites:
the fly girl guide

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