Friday, May 25, 2012

For the Traveling Foodie

Now that I just graduated college, quit my job and found someone to sublet my apartment, I plan to travel as much as I can in the next few months before "real life" begins. Of course, the first think I thought of is what/how am I going to eat while wandering around unknown territory with all my belongings stuffed into one bag?? The following are some of my packing essentials:

Mobile Spice Kit

For foodies, nothing is scarier than being in a strange place where you're subject to sub-par food. The horror! With this handy Mobile Foodie Survival Kit, you can doctor up even the most repulsive meal. Stocked with organic herbs and spices, plus indispensable extras like wasabi. Containers are unlabeled so they can be re-used for your favorite spices (separate key included).
$26 via Uncommon Goods
Spices I plan to bring: Sea Salt, Black Pepper, Cayenne, Cinnamon, Turmeric, Ginger, Red Pepper Flakes, Hot Curry, Sesame Seeds, Dulse Seaweed

Klean Kanteen Insulated Bottle

This may very well be my smartest purchase of the year. After sadly misplacing my regular 20oz canteen that I took with me everywhere (even to Ghana and back!) and going through a plethora of thurmoses (or is it thurmosi?) that never lived up to their spill-proof claims, I decided to finally invest in this bad boy. I legitimately use it all day, everyday. I first use it for my morning tea, which I can brew at home and just toss the bottle in my bag without the fear of soaking all my books and then enjoy the warm beverage an hour later in class (or actually, up to 8 hours later!) I end up re-filling it from a water fountain or sink, creating what I like to call "tea water" mmm and then eventually toss the tea bag (or actually strainer, see bellow) so I can sip on plenty of water throughout the day.
$28 via Klean Kanteen 

Stainless Steel Mesh Tea Strainer Ball

It's pretty self explanatory what you do with this one. I will mention though that it fits perfectly in my insulated Klean Kanteen AND I also use them at home too. I love loose tea, and I like using these mesh balls over non-reusable tea bags because you eliminate waste, toxins from bleached tea bags (yup, it's not just green tea you're brewin' in that mug) and best of all, you get make little concoctions out of different amounts of loose tea (bancha green + nettles + fresh grated ginger = yum)
$4 via Amazon
This Tea-Rex would also totally get the job done, in style.
$14 via Fred Flare 

Bottle Opener Ring
This is a very smart idea.
$9 via Fred Flare

Travel Space Bags
While this one isn't exactly food related, it will allow me to over pack as I usually do (how can I predict what I will feel like wearing a week in advance??) while leaving plenty of extra room for food and art supplies and other goodies picked up along the way! They also come in handy for keeping your dirty clothes separate from clean ones.
$4.99ea via The Container Store

Green Superfoods

I'm at a point in my life where if I don't get enough greens in one day, I feel it. I also understand that it's not always possible to eat three cups of spinach by lunch time when I'm away from home, especially if I'm not doing my own grocery shopping. This mix has everything that I fill my fridge and cabinets with at home, all in an amber glass jar! It's raw and contains 33 superfoods including spiralina, sprouted flax and chia seeds and 25 billion live probiotics per serving. Yes please!
$59.99 via Billy's Infinity Greens

Coconut Oil
Coconut oil is full of dietary fiber,protein, healthy fats, vitamins and minerals. It is the healthiest oil to cook with (high smoking point) and I personally love using it as a moisturizer for my entire body and my hair (so it eliminates the need to bring lotion + hair products + leave-in conditioner etc..). Definitely going my suitcase! Oh and did I mention it tastes freakin' delicious and you can use it to make raw chocolate...
$12 via Spectrum Naturals but also Trader Joes sells it (organic) for around $8 !!

Swiss Measuring Spoons
If you plan to do lots of cooking wherever you are going, these measuring spoons will pack up small and look bad ass. These would be great for camping!
$16 via Fred Flare

I used to make fun of my mom for obsessively putting every item she packed into individual zip-lock bags. Then I went on a trip and my sunscreen exploded all over my clothes on the way over, and now I put everything in zip locks yay! They not only keep things from spilling, but I'm always so happy when I have empty bags to put dirty or wet clothes in when I'm re-packing. Bottom line- mothers are always right and its a good idea to use these.

Trail Mix

Being in an unfamiliar place with unfamiliar food is not fun. Especially if there is a lack of options, or barriers such as language or travelers-stomach that keep you from trying local cuisine immediately upon arrival. I even keep trail mix with me when I'm just walking around NYC. It's perfect for tying me over until my next meal, and can be caloric enough to be used as a meal replacement if your not able to find one/ feel too sick to experiment with exotic foods at the moment. My favorite includes any and all raw nuts and dried fruits. I'm especially into raw almonds and goji berries these days.

Ginger Tea (and other tea you love)

I always bring tea with me whenever I travel now. Ginger tea in particular is perfect for aiding in digestion, which can easily be disrupted when traveling. If you love a particular tea in the morning, bringing it with you when you travel is a great way to feel comfortable in a new surrounding. You can also enjoy it anywhere- even on the plane just ask the flight attendant for some hot water and mmm soothing ginger tea that will keep you happy and hydrated :)
$5 via Yogi Tea (my favorite brand of tea sure to read the quotes!!)
Other Teas I plan to bring: Green tea, Roobios chai tea, Tulsi (a.k.a Holy Basil), Nettles and Peppermint 

What are your travel essentials?

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