Wednesday, November 9, 2011

all wrapped up

Although I have been enjoying my daily kale salad for lunch, sometimes you just need to shake things up, ya know? So today when I went to pick up some ingredients at the farmers market, I was inspired by these gorgeous collards, to make collard wraps! The ingredients are things that I generally eat for lunch anyway, but instead of shredding and mixing together, I've wrapped them all up in a green collard.

My wrap included:
1 collard leaf
1/2 an avocado
1/2 an heirloom tomato (which my farmer friend assured me for the third week in a row that these are really the last tomatoes of the season)
a handful of sprouts
fresh herbs (I used dill because I'm totally on a dill kick!)

I dressed this bundle of simplicity up with a splash of Braggs and a sprinkle of cayenne pepper*
To turn this from a pile of veggies into a wrap, just fold the top and the bottom of the collard towards the center, then fold the right side over and then roll tightly, burrito style. Place the the wrap, folded side down, on a plate. With a clean, sharp knife, slice through the middle on a diagonal. Ooo la la fancy you!

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