Tuesday, November 16, 2010

November Linky-Links

Today is America Recycles Day! Woo. Even though I am not in America, I would like to celebrate by noting some dope recycled things out there

-these bangles made out of recycled newspaper are real cute. and they're made in Brooklyn!
-I recently discovered and quickly became obsessed with Osborn handcrafted shoes. They started to ditch leather soles use recycled rubber tires aka also vegan! yeeee!
-Genius! Jar tops that allow you to transform your old jars into real kitchenware. So futuristic.
-Bodkin often uses vintage or salvaged textiles in combination with other eco-fabrics like organic cotton. I was totally blown away by the hand-dyed cotton pieces in their Autumn/ Winter 2010 collection. Check out the laundry list of natural items used to make the dye!!
-8 ways to reuse a t-shirt. dope!
-"Just because it's a green shoe doesn't mean it has to look like an Earth shoe or Birkenstock." True that. And if you don't already agree, check out these awesome shoes by Olsenhaus made out of recycled T.V. screens.

in other eco news...
-The Free People blog is has a ton of great diy projects, like this diy dream catcher. Who would have thought to use it for anything besides catching your dreams?
-VOTE for your favorite eco-fashion designer
-The Rise of the Power Vegans:Steve Wynn, Russell Simmons, Bill Clinton and a comparable cast of heavies are now using tempeh to assert their superiority. A look at what gives.
-The only reason I an excited to return to cold weather: new vegan boots!
-Food as art: art as food.
-Why you should bake with weed!
-A look at fashion industry labor regulations- or should I say not-so-regulations?

Oh, and couldn't leave out these gems...
-Four Loko banned in New York. Probably a good thing?
-The Sabbath Manifesto:designed to slow down lives in an increasingly hectic world. So jumpin on the band wagon on this one!
-50 reasons to be pretty damn euphoric you live in New York City.

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